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Complaint Lodged against Mistreatment on Charge of Being Witch


Province 2, Saptari, Rajbiraj

Saptari,kathit boksi bhandai durvyavahar garne virudh ujuri. Saptari/ September 24 Bechani Devi Yadav, 36, of Boriya VDC-8 has lodged a complaint at district administration office on September 23 against her Shiva Narayan Yadav, 50, alias Shibu on charge of beating and mistreating her for allegedly practicing witchcraft. She had lodged a complaint against Shiva Narayan, his wife Chanawati Devi, 45, and her daughter Renu Kumari Yadav, 20, Ram Kumar Yadav, 42, and his wife Tapeswori Devi Yadav, 35, of attempting to feed her human excreta on September 17, alleging her of being witch. The victim further said that she was mistreated and abused by the perpetrators in many other occasions. Her husband died five years ago after which she was beaten on charge of being witch. The accused Shiva Narayan, however, denied her allegation and said that she filed the case with the intention to harass him over a land dispute.


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